Early-Bird Review Program


AIYIMA Early-Bird Review Program

AIYIMA is a company focused on audio products. Our company has always focused on product quality and service. Our company now launches Early-Bird Review Program to get customer reviews on our new products, and customers have the opportunity to get products for free.

The New Products

  • US---Amazon.com

  • JP---Amazon.co.jp


  • DE/FR/IT/ES---Amazon


If you want to get the free products, please send the email to yimamarketing@outlook.com. And please tell me your country and which product do you interest.

AIYIMA Marketing



  • Posted on by stephane morency
    Bonjour à vous,

    ingénieur du son en studio ainsi qu’en spectacles pendant 40 années, je suis toujours à la découverte de nouveaux produits remarquables.
    J’ai travaillé un peu partout dans le monde avec une multitude de combinaisons amplis/haut-parleurs , que ce soit une paire de Auratone, Yamaha Ns10, Spendor ou bien des Wilson Audio Watt Puppy avec des amplis Sim Audio.
    J’aime bien écrire et comparer les composantes et suis toujours passionné par le monde du hi-fi , de l’enregistrement et de la reproduction audio. Je trouve votre proposition intéressante et serais curieux d’écouter et évaluer certains de vos produits.
    Au plaisir.

  • Posted on by Pawel

    Dear Aiyima,
    I am a copywriter, an English teacher, an audiophile and a very happy owner of an Aiyima A05. I am genuinely amazed by the quality of sound that your product delivers. I would be even happier if I could review your products, present them online and promote them on the Polish market or elsewhere. Very best regards :)

  • Posted on by Shawn S
    I have spent many years in the audio world from home audio/ theater to car audio and professional applications like club setups for DJ and live performances. I have even spent some time in professional studios. If you want a real professional opinion on any of your products, I’m the guy you want. I recently bought one of your T8 DAC units. After a week of use I am enjoying it. I wish it had a sub out or even just a second line out. I have it setup with a tube preamp and a 50×2 amp. The output is split to run to a sub amp. It works well in this configuration, but I still wish there was a dedicated sub out. It is feature packed for the price. I’d be willing to try any of your products, but I am most interested in DAC’s, tube preamps and specifically the A1501 model for powering a subwoofer.
  • Posted on by DINESH MENON

    Please give me an opportunity.
    I am a gadget geek from India.
    I can provide you refined reviews and feedbacks.
    And be a brand ambassador
    for your outstanding Amplifiers.
    There’s a great demand for quality audio components in India.
    Warm regards 😊🙏

  • Posted on by c
    Hey I’d like to be entered into the reviewers giveaway. I’ll give you 5 stars on anything free you send me. Thanks

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