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1.The newest tube preamp of AIYIMA with upgraded function and design.This new product will satisfy you again

2.Using classical tube 6j1 design and optimize the route,Tube can be replaced design,soft voice.Adopt the Dual run amplifier chip NE5532P power conversion module

3.Warm and soft tube sound performance for your home theater amplifiers system,tube preamplifier with HiFi Treble & Bass Adjustment

4.The power circuit is completely separate from the audio circuit ,in order to Minimize interference

5.All aluminum alloy shell,heavy gold PCB,gold-plated RCA interface,Control ways:Potentiometer knob and Toggle the switch


Operation Steps

1. Make sure the VOL turn to the minimum

2. Install the tube into the base of the tube according to the direction (the tube is not left or right, check whether the pin is deformed before installing the tube, and the deformation can be corrected by hand)

3. Connect the sound source that needs to be used

4. Connect the external post equipment to the audio source output interface

5. Connect the DC12 power supply(DC power cann’t beyond 12V)

6. Turn on the power switch

7. Rotate the knob clockwise to select the desired volume

Function Indicator And Operating principle



1. Please do not open the shell without permission. Improper operation may cause the danger of electric shock.

2. Please use the power supply of the regular manufacturer, otherwise it will damage the machine.

3. Please do not use the machine in a high temperature and humidity environment.

4. Please don’t replace the tube when the power on, otherwise the tube & machine will be demaged.

5. Please don’t use the non-matched tube, otherwise the tube & machine will be demaged.

Package include:

1Pcs 6J1 Tube preamplifier+ 1Pcs User Manual

Without Amplifier Power Supplier (Can't beyond 12V, Otherwise it will burn out the diode)

Power Supply Adaptable Amplifier
5V DAC-A2            
19V-24V A01 A02 A03 TUBE-A5 A502T B3 A1001
24V-35V(32V) A3001            
AC110V/AC220V DAC-A3 DAC-A3P          


Tube Amplifier Preamp
 AIYIMA A3 Tube Amplifier
AIYIMA A3 Tube Amplifier
AIYIMA T2 Tube Amplifier
AIYIMA T3 Tube Amplifier
AIYIMA T5 Tube Amplifier
AIYIMA T6 Tube Amplifier 
AIYIMA A5 Tube Amplifier
Model A3 A3 PRO T2 T3 T5 T6 TUBE-A5
Type 2.0CH Tube Pre-amp 2.0CH Tube Pre-amp 2.0CH Tube Pre-amp 2.0CH Tube Pre-amp 2.0CH Tube Pre-amp 2.0CH Tube Pre-amp 2.0CH Tube Amplifier
Bluetooth NO Bluetooth5.0 QCC Bluetooth5.0 NO CSR Bluetooth4.2 QCC Bluetooth5.0 CSR Bluetooth4.2
Input RCA AUX,Bluetooth RCA,Bluetooth AUX,MM phono RCA,USB,AUX,Bluetooth RCA,Bluetooth RCA,Bluetooth
Bass&Treble control YES YES YES NO YES YES YES
Output Active speaker,Amp Active speaker,Amp Active speaker,Amp Active speaker,Amp Active speaker,Amp,Headphone Active speaker,Amp Passive speaker,Headphone
Input voltage DC12V DC12V DC12V DC12V DC12V DC12V DC19V
Features 1.6J1 tube
2.with Bass&Treble control
3.NE5532P Dual op amp chip
Tube replaceable:(6J2.6K4.GE5654.6AK5.6Ж1п.)
1.6k4 tube
3.with Bass&Treble control
4.NE5532P Dual op amp chip
Tube replaceable:(6J1,6J2.6K4.GE5654.6AK5.6Ж1п.)
1.6J1 tube
2.QCC3003 Bluetooth5.0
3.with Bass&Treble control
Tube replaceable:(6J1,6J2.6K4.GE5654.6AK5.6Ж1п.)
1.6J2 tube
2.can connect MM phono input
3.JRC2068D Dual op amp chip
Tube replaceable:(6J1,6J2.6K4.GE5654.6AK5.6Ж1п.)
1.6K4 tube
2.CSR8635 Bluetooth4.2
3.with Bass &  Treble Control
4.with HS100B usb Decode chip
5.TI 4pcs MC33078 Dual high-speed low noise chip
6.16-64Ωheadphone output
7.with remote switch input,Bass&Treble control
8.Built in tube,safety and beauty.
Tube replaceable:(6J1,6J2.6K4.GE5654.6AK5.6Ж1п.)
1.6J1 tube
2.QCC3008 Bluetooth5.0
3.with Bass&Treble control
4.JRC5532P Dual op amp chip
5.4pcs 250v22uf Filter capacitor QCC3008 Bluetooth 5.0 chip,Support APT-X Low delay input.classic.     
Tube replaceable:
1.CSR8635 Bluetooth4.2
2.with Bass&Treble control
3.with 16-64Ωheadphone output
4.6J4 TUBE Amplifier
4.50W*2 Bluetooth CSR4.2 chip,Support APT-X Low delay input
Tube replaceable:(6J1,6J2.6K4.GE5654.6AK5.6Ж1п.)
Power Supply 110V-240V 110V-240V 110V-240V 110V-240V 110V-240V 110V-240V 110V-240V

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