Model DAC-A2 DAC-A5 D05
Status On Sell On Sell On Sell
Distortion 0.01% ≤0.001% ≤0.001%
SNR ≥105dB ≥105dB ≥105dB
Bluetooth NO NO QCC3008 Bluetooth 5.0, support ACC.SBC.aptX.aptX LL
PC-USB SR 96K / 24Bit 192K / 24Bit PCM 192kHz/24Bit
COA/OPT SR 192K / 24Bit 192K / 24Bit PCM 192kHz/24Bit
Output Max 100mW32Ω 305mV 30Ω 120W+120W, load 4Ohm speaker
Headphone matching impedance 16-200Ω 16-300Ω 4-8Ohm
Input interface COA ,OPT ,PC-USB COA ,OPT ,PC-USB Bluetooth, PC-USB, OPT, COA, RCA
Output interface Headphone,Active speaker,Amp Headphone,Active speaker,Amp Headphone,Active speaker,Amp
Chips SA9023+CS8412+97220+NE5532 CM6642 + CS8416 + CS4398 + TPA6120 + OPA2134 CM6642, TAS5508, TAS5352A, QCC3008, CS8422, WM8782
Working Voltage 5V 12V DC 24-36V, can't over 36V
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