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Product description:
1. LCD display: It can display the song name of Chinese and English songs. You can copy the song and the corresponding lyrics file into the U disk at the same time to display the lyrics of the played song simultaneously.
2. USB/SD mode: short press to play pause button / FM radio mode: short press to automatically search.
3, BT / USB / SD mode: short press for the previous song, long press for the volume minus. / Fm radio mode: short press for the previous one, long press for the volume minus. / AUX mode: long press volume minus .
4, USB / SD mode: short press +10 function.
5, BT / USB / SD mode: short press for the next song, long press for the volume plus / Fm radio mode: short press for the next, long press for the volume plus / AUX mode: long press the volume plus
6. REC recording button: Press and hold this button during USB/SD operation to record the sound of the MIC port. The length of the recording depends on the capacity of the U disk or SD card used. Play the music U disk with the recording file. Short press this button to quickly cut to the recording file to play, so that users can quickly find the recording file. (In AUX, USB/SD, FM work, if any device such as U disk and SD is plugged in, press and hold the REC button for 2 seconds to start recording. Short press the REC button during the recording to end the recording and play back the recorded content. If you are listening to music in U/SD, you can quickly press the record button to quickly switch to the recording file. If you want to listen to the current recording file, you can press and hold the MODE button for 2 seconds to play the recording file. REC recording file, please be sure to confirm the content you want to delete.)
7. USB/SD boot defaults to full loop playback. Press this button to switch to single loop playback.
8. MODE button: Short press to switch between AUX/USB/SD/BT/FM mode./When playing the recording file, press this button to delete the currently playing recording file.
9. EQ button: Short press this button to switch between 5 EQ sound effects when playing USB/SD music.
10. Infrared receiver.
11, U disk socket, support dual lossless format decoding APE, FLAC, WMA, WAV, MP3 and so on.
12, SD card socket, support dual lossless format decoding APE, FLAC, WMA, WAV, MP3 and so on.
13. Bluetooth Name: Bluetooth
14. Support 32G memory card
15.5V power supply direction can not be reversed, wrong connection will burn the board

1. Digital ground and analog ground wire: (When the independent transformer winding is powered, the ground wire is connected.), (The ground wire is separated when the battery box is applied.).
2, The motherboard power interface 5V, recommend to use DC5V 1A(note that the positive and negative poles are not connected).
3. Left and right channel audio output.
4. AUX1 external signal input.
5. AUX2 external signal input.
6, 12V battery power display interface: (detection voltage is lower than 5.8V battery symbol is not bright, 5.8V-9.5V first grid flash, 9.5V-10.5V one grid is always bright, 10.5V-11.5V two grids are always on, 11.5V or above three grid display means full power, note that the current design maximum detection voltage should not exceed 22V); when the battery is lower than 8.5V, the machine is prompted to charge the battery, but the battery is not used to protect the battery. Below At 8.5V, the system automatically displays Undervoltage and stops working. If the product is not applied to this battery detection port, the system defaults to the working state.
7, FM radio antenna interface.
8, MIC recording port.
9, operating function buttons and remote head interface.
10. Master volume encoder interface.

This board is powered by DC5V
The DC12V is the battery charge detection port, not the power supply interface.

Package included:
1PC MP3 Decoder Board
1PC  Remote Control(without battery)

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Decoder Board - AIYIMA B2D1593
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