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Product description:
The new upgraded version: 4-color frequency display, the display is more dynamic; the power supply has reverse connection protection design, even if the wrong positive and negative poles will not burn the board, the music format supports the lossless APE, the panel "pause play button" can also Select folder to play, 5V input of mini USB MICR0;
USB sound card function (use a double-headed USB cable with data transmission can not be normal, one plug in the computer and plug into the panel USB, MP3 module will appear "PC" word; then the computer can put music through the module Audio output is transferred to the sound)
Bluetooth MP3 decoder board Bluetooth module lossless MP3 Bluetooth decoder board;
Panel size: 107MM* high 25MM* deep 38MM;
Opening: 83*20*38 deep MM;
Mounting hole spacing: 92MM;
Voltage: DC7V-12V, Note: (5V can be directly plugged in with mini USB MICR0 line)
Multi-function: 4-color color screen, the effect is more moving;
DC12V/+5V mini 5P input;
USB/SD playback MP3 lossless APE/WAV and WMA/FLAC can also support folder selection playback;
Support FM radio & AUX;
Stereo Bluetooth can also be used for hands-free calling, call and report, DIY speaker and modified audio / car
After the Bluetooth and mobile phone pairing is completed, the wireless receiving mobile phone plays all the format music.
The product can not be directly connected to the speaker without the amplifier.
1. Support Bluetooth 5.0 and hands-free calling (after receiving the baby and mobile phone, the wireless receiving mobile phone can play all the format music. If your mobile phone supports a wide format, you can listen to any format of music, and you can also pick up the phone. On the phone, when you hear a call, you will receive a “beep-beep” and press the timeout to answer the call.
2. Call back: In the Bluetooth mode, press the pause button to call back the last call number.
3. Support folder selection playback - convenient for different music categories to choose to play SD card / U disk to put music into different folders, DJ music / background music / children's songs; in the playback mode, the remote control long press the up or down button, The panel long presses the pause play button, you can select the folder to play (at the same time there will be F001, F002, ..)
4. Loop mode: Press the "arrow or "RPT" symbol key in the playback state: random (RAN) / single loop (ONE) / folder loop (FOL) / full loop (ALL); if it is in the current file Pressing (FOL) under the folder will only play the whole song in this folder.
5. Support USB/card/Bluetooth/FM/AUX switching. Conversion prompt and caller number (voice English)
6. Support MP3/WMA/WAV format music. MP3 song 32-320kbps, lossless APE/FLAC/WMA/WAV is the normal second sound channel below 1411kbps
7. Support USB / card switching, previous song, next song, volume adjustment, EQ, play / pause, stop, single repeat, mute, shutdown, direct selection of songs.
8. Support Bluetoot last song, next song, volume adjustment, play / pause, mute.
9. Support power-off memory function: The song and volume played before the memory is powered off can be memorized to the current point. Breakpoint memory (when the USB flash drive or SD/TF card is pulled out in the playback state, it will be broken after about 3 seconds. When it is powered on again, it will play the breakpoint. If the power is removed, the USB flash drive or the card can only remember the current Qu, can't remember when it is)
Not a smartphone (Android) to enter the password -0000; product Bluetooth device name M01BT
1: Working voltage 12V: DC 7V-12V, 5V: 3.7V-5V (mini USB MICR0 line head plug) current 800MA-1A. If the current is not enough, there will be a jump or remote control failure or you can't read the Bluetooth abnormality (if you have this problem, please check your power supply); the voltage can't be higher than the highest voltage range required by the product, otherwise the main chip and related components will be damaged.
2: The module power ground and signal ground are separated, and there is a separate resistor to facilitate the selection of different power amplifiers (see the Rohm 0-ohm resistor on the board). The current shipment has been connected with 0 ohms. Individual amplifiers have noise. It is recommended to use a power supply to power the decoder board separately. If the power supply is the same as the power supply, please connect the audio output ground of the decoder board to the power ground ("AGND" and "GND" R32. 0 ohm resistor) must be opened here to be wired (operating in the case of power off);

Package included:

1PC MP3 Decoder Board +1PC Remote Control

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Decoder Board - AIYIMA B2D1600
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