2.0, 2.1, 5.0 Channel Amplifier

2.0 Channel Amplifier

2.0 channel refers to a two-channel output, there are two channels L/R.

2.0 CH Amplifier

2.1 Channel Amplifier

2.1 channel is to add a bass output channel on the basis of 2.0 channel amplifier.

2.1 Channel Amplifier

5.1 Channel Amplifier

5.1 channel refers to the center channel, front left and right channels, rear left and right surround channels, and subwoofer channels. A system can connect 6 speakers in total.

5.1 channel amplifier

The center channel is responsible for resetting the dialogue of the characters most of the time; the previous main left/right channels are used for actions and other sounds that are outside the center of the screen or cannot be seen from the screen. The rear surround sound effect is responsible for the edge and the entire background music. It makes people feel that they are in the center of the entire scene. The tremendous shock of the horses, the effect of the jet whizzing over the head is thanks to it; and the motor sound, the sound of the bomber or the shocking subwoofer such as the bass drum is handled by the subwoofer.


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