AIYIMA 32V AC100V-240V Adapter DC32V 5A EU Plug US Plug 5.5 x 2.5MM Power Supply Charger For TAS5613 TPA3255 TDA7498E Amplifier
Product description: Product Name: 32V 5A power adapter / charger / switching power supply Input parameters: AC100-240V 50/60Hz Output voltage: DC32V (plus or minus 5%) Output current: 5A Rated power: 160W DC interface: 5.5*2.5mm /line length regular 1.2M Plug specifications:...
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AIYIMA 4Pcs Mini Active Speaker Spikes Stand Foot Pads DIY For Audio Speakers Repair Parts Chassis Vibration Damping Feets
Item Description: CNC aluminum shock pad series Material: Solid aluminum alloy Diameter: 20mm 29mm 39mm 40mm 49mm Height: 8mm 10mm 15mm 20mm  Sizes: D20H8mm, D29H10mm, D39H10mm, D40H15mm Surface treatment: anodized sand blasting Color: black, silver, gold optional With replaceable rubber suspension...
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AIYIMA DC12 Audio Amplifier Power Supply AC100-240V To DC12V 2A Adapter EU US Plug DIY For Home Amplifiers
Description: Input Voltage: AC100-240V Output Voltage: DC12V Current: 2A  Output plug specifications: 5.5*2.5MM Input plug: EU plug, US Plug Output line length: 1 meter Frequency: 50 - 60Hz Working Temperature: -20 - 60 Protection function: short circuit / over current...
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AIYIMA US/EU/UK 19/24V Plug Home Amplifiers Power Supply
19V: Input voltage: AC100-240V 1.8A 50/60HZ AC±10% Rated voltage: DC19V 4.74A 90W Rated current: 4.74A Rated power: 75W Max output: 90W Working efficiency: ≥88% No-load power consumption: <0.21W Load adjustment rate: ± 5% Appearance size : 127*57*32mm Shell material: PC+ABS...
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Amplifier - AIYIMA A07 - TPA3255
Description:  The TPA3255 is a high-performance Class D power amplifier with Class D efficiency and true to high-end sound quality. The device features an advanced integrated feedback design and proprietary high-speed gate driver error correction (Purepath Ultra HD). The dual...
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Amplifier Accessories - AIYIMA 6J1
Item description: 100%Brand New and High Quality Note:This is Diy need do it yourself. Models: 6 j1 tube (substitution model 6 au6 ak5, 6, 5654, etc.) Channel types: 2.0 / stereo Working voltage: communication AC12V 0.8 A or above...
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Amplifier Board - A2D1075
Item description: Pure Bass Audio Professional Subwoofer Frequency Divider Speaker Crossover Filter   Subwoofer divider Dividing the total frequency signal of amplifier, Barrier to high-frequency signals, Bass and subwoofer through, After installation of the divider Feeling more bass, The human...
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Amplifier Board - AIYIMA A2D658
Descriptions:   Note:This is Diy Kits,you need do it yourself. this product pcb board color change to blue, but other part is same.   NO SCHEMATIC AND INSTRUCTION (components values have been marked on the PCB) COME WITH  THE ITEM....
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Amplifier Board - AIYIMA 6N1+6P1
Product description: 6P1 stereo power amplifier board 3W+3W High quality epoxy fiberglass board, thickness 2mm Size: 185 × 57mm. Classic line. The filament is AC powered, all ground wires are grounded at one point, and the hum is small. The...
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Amplifier Board - AIYIMA 6N3
Product description: The pre-stage circuit is based on the Matthew circuit of the Horseshoe, which is optimized to redesign the circuit so that it can add more fever components to make it more feverish and sound better. The board design...
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Amplifier Board - AIYIMA A2D1004
Descriptions: Low voltage / tube cat eye 6E2 / driver board / level indicating harmonic tube It is recommended to install in front of the potentiometer, not controlled by the potentiometer, the board has its own amplified line Adjustable amplitude,...
$46.99 $23.99
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