Amplifier Board - AIYIMA 6N3
Product description: The pre-stage circuit is based on the Matthew circuit of the Horseshoe, which is optimized to redesign the circuit so that it can add more fever components to make it more feverish and sound better. The board design...
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Amplifier Board - AIYIMA A2D1004
Descriptions: Low voltage / tube cat eye 6E2 / driver board / level indicating harmonic tube It is recommended to install in front of the potentiometer, not controlled by the potentiometer, the board has its own amplified line Adjustable amplitude,...
$46.99 $23.99
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Amplifier Board - AIYIMA A2D1052
Descriptions:   1 most classic acoustic circuit, the amplifier stage pure, authentic, very pure and natural sounds, the midpoint of zero drift up a bit MV level   2 Total capacity ultra 25000UF original King Kong chemical filter an entire...
$49.99 $37.99
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Amplifier Board - AIYIMA A2D1053
  3 way Crossover Board Tweeter Mid Bass SubWoofer 3way Frequency Divider for Enthusiast DIY Car Modification Stereo Crossover Model: LX-G1 Rated power: 120W-200W Impedance: 2-4ohm Size: 133.5 * 86 * 31.5mm Weight: 0.38kg Crossover frequency: 800Hz,3.5kHz. Crosspoint: -6dB Slope: Low...
$52.99 $39.99
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Amplifier Board - AIYIMA A2D234 - TPA3116D2
Product description: Note:if you want 100W,Please use big speaker!    This product PCB board color change to green, but other part and the function is same. thank you! Product Name: Digital Audio Amplifier Board Product Type: XH-M542 Amplifier chip: TPA3116D2 *...
$29.99 $15.99
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Amplifier Board - AIYIMA A2D544 - TPA3116D2
The amplifier board adopts two imported TPA3116D2 digital amplifier chip as the core,one piece as left and right channel power amplifier,other piece as pre-bridge briver with NE5532 subwoofer ,with a small ,high effeciency,high power characteristics.   Product name:2.1-channel audio amplifier...
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Amplifier Board - AIYIMA A2D847
Product description:   Toshiba's 2SC5200+2SA1943 pure post-stage mono 100W finished product   Features:   1. The noise of the switch is small and will not have too much impact on the speaker. It is recommended to add a horn protection...
$21.99 $15.99
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Amplifier Board - AIYIMA A2D859 - TPA3116D2
Descriptions: Product Name: TPA3116D2 digital amplifier  Product Type: XH-M543 Amplifier chip: TPA3116D2*1 Power supply: DC12-26V (24V recommended) Current: more than 3A Max output power: 120W * 2  Channel: Two channel Signal to noise ratio: 100db Size: 92*69*18MM Power supply DC12V...
$19.99 $15.99
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Amplifier Board - AIYIMA A2D891
Item Description: 100%Brand New and High Quality Note:This is Diy need do it yourself. Models: 6 j1 tube (substitution model 6 au6 ak5, 6, 5654, etc.) Channel types: 2.0 / stereo Working voltage: communication AC12V 0.8 A or above...
$27.99 $16.99
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Amplifier Board - AIYIMA B2D039
Item Description:   1. The board uses two op amps, left OPA2604, on the right AD827JN (Used). 2. The board adopts a high-precision, lower-temperature floating round audio resistor. A better low-noise design.   3. The board is made of high quality...
$54.99 $39.99
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Amplifier Board - AIYIMA B2D044 - TPA3116
This can be assembled with medium power 5.1 power amplifier, suitable for home audio-visual environment, car speaker modification, high power, good sound quality, small size, high efficiency and high power saving. Continuous improvement through long-term verification, stable and reliable quality,...
$69.99 $43.99
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