AIYIMA A07 - EU Warehouse Ship
Description:  The TPA3255 is a high-performance Class D power amplifier with Class D efficiency and true to high-end sound quality. The device features an advanced integrated feedback design and proprietary high-speed gate driver error correction (Purepath Ultra HD). The dual...
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AIYIMA T9 Pro - EU Warehouse Ship
Product Descriptions:T9 PRO TPA3250 power amplifier 100Wx2Chipset: TPA3250+Jan5725+QCC3031+ES9018K2M+SA9123L+OPA1656+NJW1194PC-USB sampling rate: 24bit/192khz, 16bit/192khz, 24bit/96khzPC-USB operating system: Windows XP / VIsta7/8/10 / Max OS/MAC/LinuxBluetooth/optical fiber/coaxial sampling rate: 24bit44.1khz/24bit192khz/24bit192khzBluetooth chip: QCC3031, Bluetooth 5.0, stereo, support IIS, SPDIF, HFP, TWS, aptX, aptxHDTube model: JAN5725The...
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AIYIMA D03 - EU Warehouse Ship
Features: Upgrade your speakers and subwoofer with a 150W@4ohm x2-channel amplifier, high-fidelity streaming music. Bluetooth 5.0 amplifier with APTX-LL let you stream music and stereo sound in crisp. With a world of input mode options, D03 is always getting satisfy...
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AIYIMA A07 Pro - EU Warehouse
Features:1.It has two inputs, one AUX input, which is convenient for traditional wired analog signal input; there is also one Bluetooth wireless input, which can be easily connected to Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones and computers, without being bound...
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AIYIMA A08 Pro - EU Warehouse Ship
Feature:1.Unique and amazing combination: integrated A8 Pro amplifier with VU meter into whole in such a mini size, when enjoy HiFi music, the pointer dancing in the warm light with strong vintage feelings, dynamically decorates the audio system space.2.HiFi clear...
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AIYIMA A04 - EU Warehouse Ship
Features: 1. Using TI's ultra-high definition digital power amplifier IC (TPA3251), the output power is up to 175W*2 2.Fever grade water filter with two 3000uf filters up to 6000uf; use red ring inductor, high frequency characteristics, LC filter network with S-iemens...
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AIYIMA A03 - EU Warehouse Ship
Features:1.Support two input, one AUX input, connect wired analog signal input; another one Bluetooth 5.0 wireless input, can connect with mobile phone, computer and other Bluetooth devices.2. Support the frequency adjustment of the subwoofer, you can adjust the bass frequency...
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AIYIMA T6 Pro - EU Warehouse Ship
Product description:Audio input: Bluetooth / USB / Stereo RCAAudio output: Stereo RCA / 3.5mm headphone jackBluetooth version: 5.0 (support APTX-LL)Chipset: QCC3008+CM6642+NE5532PPC-USB input sampling frequency: 24Bit/192K PC-USBSystem supported: XP/W7/W8/W10/MAC/linuxFrequency Range20Hz-20kHz(±3dB)THD: 0.1%SNR: ≥98dBRCA output level: 2VBass & Treble range: ±6dBHeadphone matched impedance:...
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AIYIMA T8 - EU Warehouse Ship
Parameters: PC-USB supports sampling rate: 96K/24Bit Distortion: RCA: 0.2%/HP: 0.003% Bluetooth version: 5.0, QCC3031 support Qualcomm aptX and aptX HD Vacuum tube: 6N3, you can replace tube by GE5657,396A,2c51,12BA4,5670,6H3n PC-USB support operating system: XP/W7/W8/W10/MAC/linux SNR: RCA,108dB; HP, 106dB Headphone impedance...
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AIYIMA D05 - EU Warehouse Ship
Parameters:Product model: Aiyima--D05Color: BlackChips set: CM6642, TAS5508, TAS5352A, QCC3008, CS8422, WM8782Working Voltage: DC 24-36V, can't over 36V ( package includes 32V 5A power adapter)Input sensitivity: 0.775VFrequency response: 20Hz-20kHz (±1dB)SNR(Singal noise rate): ≥105dBTotal harmonic distortion: 0.001% (1kHz1w)Bluetooth distortion rate: 0.01%Bluetooth Version:...
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AIYIMA T9 - EU Warehouse Ship
Features:Unique and amazing combination: integrated T9 amplifier with VU meter into whole in such a mini size, when enjoy HiFi music, the pointer dancing in the warm light with strong vintage feelings, dynamically decorates the audio system space.HiFi clear sound...
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AIYIMA A06 - EU Warehouse Ship
Feature:Chips: tpa3221+NE5532+NJW2608NE5532 can replace op amp chips: OPA2604, OPA2314, LM4562, JRC5532, etc.Signal to noise ratio: ≥98dbInput sensitivity: 0.775VFrequency response: 20-20Khz (±1db) (MM input conforms to RIAA characteristics)Distortion: 0.1%High and low sound adjustment range: ±6dbSpeaker impedance: 4~8ΩOutput power: 100W*2 4Ω,50Wx2 8ΩInput...
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