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Presentation video of Aiyima TUBE-A3 Pro preamplifier.


Using classical tube 6j1 design and optimize the route, Bluetooth 5.0 Tube preamp

Tube can be replaced design, soft voice.Adopt the Dual run amplifier chip NE5532P power conversion module.

The power circuit is completely separate from the audio circuit ,in order to Minimize interference

AUX / Bluetooth Audio input, DC12V/1A power supply (Can't beyond 12V, Otherwise it will burn out the diode, When you use it in the car. Pls pay attention to that connect use it after your finished ignition. Because when the car starts to fire, the power will reach 13.5V).

All aluminum alloy shell, heavy gold PCB, Control ways: Potentiometer knob and Toggle the switch

The product is a preamplifier. It is not audio amplifier. It needs to be connected to an active speaker and a rear amplifier

Aiyima Premplifier links:

Aiyima TUBE-A3 PRO 6J1:

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