• Our brand history hope you participate with us

    Our brand history hope you participate with us
    Shenzhen YiMa Technology Co.,Ltd is specialized in amplifier & decoder audio products. Our company always keep the "high quality products and service-oriented" bussiness philosophy, and towards a route to listed company. Strict quality guarantee system, awesome after-sales service is our company running standard.  The AIYIMA brand belongs to Shenzhen YiMa Technology Co.,Ltd. AIYIMA Brand focus on audio product such as amplifer, speaker. Our company based on a series of...
  • Turn your car to a big music live stage

    Turn your car to a big music live stage
    With your own heart, go the farthest way, and start a considless journey, which of this journey is the most freedom behavior in life. Driving a private car and match our products, which make your car become a music carport immediately. A mist of rain shrouded the streets of New York. The water drifted under the bridge, and the stars in the sky sneaked...
  • How to use our products

    How to use our products
    1.Make sure the VOL button turn to the minimum. 2.Installing the electronic tube into the bottom of the tube holder according to the direction (the electronic tube does not distinguish between left or right, checking the pin is deformed or not before installing the tube, if have the deformation that can be adjusted by hand). 3.Connecting the need audio sources into the audio source input interface....
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