Bluetooth Amplifier - AIYIMA A03
Features: 1.Support two input, oneAUX input, connect wired analog signal input; another oneBluetooth 5.0 wireless input, can connect with mobile phone, computer and other Bluetooth devices. 2. Support the frequency adjustment of the subwoofer, you can adjust the bass frequency...
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Bluetooth Amplifier - AIYIMA B2D1957
Features: As a digital power amplifier & music player, it supports RCA/AUX/USB/BT 5.0/TF Card inputs, almost compatible with all home audio device such as phone, tablet, computer, TV, set-box, CD player etc. U-disk and TF card support WAV, APE, FLAC...
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Bluetooth Amplifier - AIYIMA B2D1692
Description: Bluetooth 5.0 DAC decoding  The TPA3255 is a high performance Class D power amplifier with Class D efficiency and true to high-end sound quality. The device features an advanced integrated feedback design and proprietary high-speed gate driver error correction...
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DAC Amplifier - AIYIMA D05
ParametersProduct model: Aiyima--D05Color: BlackChips set: CM6642, TAS5508, TAS5352A, QCC3008, CS8422, WM8782Working Voltage: DC 24-36V, can't over 36V ( package includes 32V 5A power adapter)Input sensitivity: 0.775VFrequency response: 20Hz-20kHz (±1dB)SNR(Singal noise rate): ≥105dBDistortion: 0.001%Bluetooth Version: 5.0 (QCC3008)Bluetooth support: ACC、SBC、aptX、aptX LL Speaker...
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Tube Amplifier Preamp - AIYIMA T5
Description:Chips: CSR8635, HS100B, MC33078, PT7314PC USB sampling rate: 16bit44.1k/48khzTHD: 0.01%PC-USB support system: XP/Vista/W7/W8/W10/LINU/XMAC/ OS/ XBluetooth version: 4.2Bluetooth matching impedance: 16-64ΩSNR: ≥98dBHeadphone max power output: 40mW~500mW/300~32OhmWorking voltage: DC12V,  ≥1ABass and treble range: ±14dBRCA output level: 2.3VNet weight: 0.4gFrequency range: 20Hz-20kHz(±1db); HIFI...
$159.99 $99.99
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Tube Amplifier Preamp - AIYIMA A3 Pro 6J1
  Parameters: Power supply: DC12V (With supply power) Audio input: Bluetooth/ AUX (connected to MP3, computer CD, DVD, mobile phone, etc. ) Audio output: RCA (connected to amplifier, active speaker and other signal input) Frequency Response:20Hz-20kHz SNR:98dB Control:Potentiometer knob and...
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Tube Amplifier Preamp - AIYIMA TUBE A5
Product description: Chips:6J4+TPA3116D2+NE5532+CSR64215+HT97220 Max output power:50W*2 Power supply: DC12-24V Current: 3A or more Bluetooth: CSR64215 4.2 version(support APT-X) Frequency response:20Hz-20kHz SNR: ≥ 98dB Bass adjustment range: ±6dB Treble adjustment range: ±10dB Load impedance:4-8OHM Control:Ptentiometer knob+toggle switch Audio input: Bluetooth &...
$102.99 $79.99
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Tube Amplifier Preamp - AIYIMA A3 Pro 6K4
Description:The product is a preamplifier. It is not audio amplifier. It needs to be connected to an active speaker and a rear amplifier. Power supply: DC12V 2A (Without supply power) Audio input: Bluetooth/ AUX (connected to MP3, computer CD, DVD, mobile phone,...
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AIYIMA A05 TPA3221 Bluetooth 5.0 Amplifier Stereo Digital Power Amplificador Bluetooth QCC3034 APTX-HD Sound Amplifier Speaker Home
Product description:All parts and components of this product are original products, unpretentious and pure in quality; the use of high-quality original parts not only guarantees safety and quality, but also has a long service life, and more importantly, it is...
from $65.99
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Bluetoot Amplifier - AIYIMA B03
Description: Product name:160W*2 Bluetooth 5.0 digital power amplifier Amplifier chip:TDA7498E Audio input:Bluetooth/RCA/U-disk Audio output:banana speaker jacks /Low frequency signal (connect active subwoofer) Max output power:160W+160W(4 Ohm load) Default Power Supply:DC32V/5A Support format:MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, WAV U-disk capacity:max 32G Bluetooth...
$99.99 $79.99
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Bluetooth Amplifier - AIYIMA B01
Description:Model: AIYIMA B01Nmber of channels: 2.0 / 2.1 / 2.2Audio input: Bluetooth/Stereo RCA/U-disk(choose one input)Audio output: banana speaker jacksU-disk support format: MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, WAV...Bluetooth version: 5.0Speaker impedance: 4-8ΩMax output power: 50W*2+100W (4Ω load)SNR: ≥98dBInput sensitivity: 0.775VTHD: 0.05%(1kHz 1W)Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz(±3dB)Low...
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Bluetooth Amplifier - AIYIMA B2D2218
Product description: Product parameters: Product name:TPA3116 Bluetooth 5.0 amplifier Audio inputs: Bluetooth / USB / 3.5mm AUX Audio output: Banana Speaker Jacks Bluetooth Version: 5.0 Max output Power: 50W*2 (24V/4Ω load) Speaker Impedance: 4Ω-16Ω Working voltage: DC 9V-24V(current more than...
$42.99 $32.99
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