Vibration Speaker (Resonance Speaker)

Vibration speaker

Vibration speaker (resonance speaker) refers to a horn without a diaphragm. The vibration speaker is the latest innovative product and is now extremely popular on the market. The purpose of the resonant speaker is to break the limitation of the sound effect of traditional ordinary speakers. Because the sound transmission of the ordinary speaker is transmitted through the horizontal vibration of the speaker to achieve the sound effect, and there is a certain limited directivity, the vibration speaker will not be like this, and the vibration speaker can be propagated at a 360 ° cycle rate.

Vibration Speaker

AIYIMA Vibration Speaker

Principle of vibration speaker

The vibration speaker is to convert the audio to mechanically vibrate the medium surface (wooden desktop, glass, etc.) after resonating, so that the entire object of the medium resonates, so that the object plays a melodious music.

Characteristics of vibration speaker

  1. Since there is no standing wave of the box, all kinds of vocal music are original and the sound quality of each frequency band is excellent!
  2. Small size and loud sound.
  3. Different contact interfaces will have different auditory feelings!
  4. Sound transmission is 360-degree far-directional transmission!
  5. The sound propagates more strongly from solids. Secondly, because the resonant sound does not have a speaker and the resonance technology allows the solid medium to transmit 360-degree non-directional music, the volume of the resonant sound is related to the placed interface. Since the entire desktop is sounding, there will be 360-degree sound around the table. You can hear the same volume at any angle around. Tables of different materials will have a different feeling, and the sound will immediately become louder when placed on a smooth wooden table or a glass table. The better the wooden interface, the better the sound, especially the low sound part will be very prominent; when placed on the glass interface, the treble part will be more prominent, the larger the interface, the louder the sound. (The bottom of the surface of the medium is preferably empty, like the best cavity. In this case, the sound will be loud and the sound quality will be good. Bigger wider the placed is better.)
  6. The resonant horn also has a unique characteristic-wavelength penetration!That is to say, the resonance sound can pass the sound effect through the medium through the medium side, and the music can also be heard on the other side of the medium.In other words, if you install the resonant sound on the door or some walls, you play music here, and the other side can also share the melodious mood with you at the same time.
AIYIMA 30W 8 Ohm Vibration Speaker

AIYIMA 30W 8 Ohm Vibration Speaker

Resonance acoustic defects

After leaving the medium, the sound is almost gone.

Resonant Horn Application

  1. It can carry computers, laptops, MP3, MP4, CD, mobile phones, PSP and other equipment to play music and assume various audio functions;
  2. Various types of instruments and equipment with music functions. Include table, chairs, doors, windows, floors, walls and etc.
  3. All kinds of music massage equipment and equipment.
  4. Various music therapy instruments.
  5. Various public audio facilities.
  6. All kinds of audio handicrafts and amusement facilities, etc.
  7. Can be used for car audio, etc.

AIYIMA Vibration Speaker 8 Ohm 15W 47MM

AIYIMA Vibration Speaker 8 Ohm 15W 47MM


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