• Precautions for making power amplifier

    Precautions for making power amplifier
    To make a power amplifier is not a simple matter. First, we must understand some basic requirements, then the manufacturing process, and finally the circuit design. Three basic requirements for making power amplifiers Have enough output power The 3dB pass band is 300 ~ 3400Hz, the output sine signal has no obvious distortion Maximum undistorted output power ≥1W Input impedance> 10kΩ, voltage magnification is...
  • Vibration Speaker (Resonance Speaker)

    Vibration Speaker (Resonance Speaker)
    Vibration speaker Vibration speaker (resonance speaker) refers to a horn without a diaphragm. The vibration speaker is the latest innovative product and is now extremely popular on the market. The purpose of the resonant speaker is to break the limitation of the sound effect of traditional ordinary speakers. Because the sound transmission of the ordinary speaker is transmitted through the horizontal vibration of the...
  • The Active Life of Tube Amplifier

    The Active Life of Tube Amplifier
    The active life of tube amp In principle, the life of the tube amplifier is semi-permanent. Compared with the crystal amplifier, the relative life of the tube amplifier is determined by the electron tube. The theoretical life of the electron tube is not too long. Generally speaking, it is only a few thousand hours, but good tubes are common for tens of thousands of...
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