• The Difference Between Treble, Midrange and Woofer Speaker

    The Difference Between Treble, Midrange and Woofer Speaker
    The classification of high, medium and woofer refers to the pitch of the horn sound. Because the horn is a physical device, each type has its own optimal working frequency because of different materials. In order to pursue a better sound restoration effect, the signal is artificially adjusted according to the tone Separately sent to the speakers made by the most suitable working frequency...
  • Stereo Sound

    Stereo Sound
    Definition of stereo In fact, the natural sound we hear in daily life is stereo. However, the stereo sound in audio technology is not natural sound, but the sound obtained through recording, transmission and playback systems. In order for the listener to get the impression of the spatial distribution of sound and produce a sense of presence and three-dimensionality, it needs to undergo some...
  • TPA311x Introduction

    TPA311x Introduction
    TPA311x series analog input audio power amplifier is a small and medium power Class D audio power amplifier product launched by Texas Instruments. This product has SpeakerGuard ™ protection function and excellent EMI performance. It is very suitable for use in products such as flat-screen TVs and iPhone Docking. This article analyzes the principles and solutions of common POP sounds in combination with practical...
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