What is a tube amplifier? Detailed analysis of its characteristics, principles, advantages and disadvantages

Tube amplifiers originated in the 1960s. With their warm and durable sound, good music and other characteristics, they have always been sought after by enthusiasts of amplifiers. So what exactly is a tube amplifier? What are the characteristics, principles, advantages and disadvantages?

What is a tube amplifier?

A tube amplifier is a machine that uses a tube to achieve functions such as magnification and polishing. Tube amps were born in the 1960s. With their irreplaceable sound quality, they are still loved by many music enthusiasts.


Features of tube amplifier:

The appearance of the tube amplifier is mostly based on the bare metal design. It exposes the electronic tubes, transformers and other components to the outside. It is hoped that it can not only provide users with the ultimate acoustic enjoyment, but also show the smooth and perfect design lines of the amplifier. The appearance shows the characteristics of the amplifier. The amplifier has his unique taste, warm and durable sound, good music, and good atmosphere.


The principle of tube amplifier:

Output audio signal-triode voltage amplification-triode power amplification-output audio signal, there are also triodes in the tube. To put it plainly, the working principle of the tube amplifier is the amplification characteristics of the triode.


Advantages of tube amplifier:

  1. The strength of the harmonic energy used by the amplifier of the tube amplifier is in the order of the second harmonic, the third harmonic, and the fourth harmonic from strong to weak until they disappear. This arrangement of harmonic energy enhances people's sense of hearing pleasure, increases the level of sound quality, has rich overtones, and makes the sound more popular.
  2. The sound is sweet and soft, transparent and natural, especially the large dynamic range and good linearity are by no means easily replaced by other devices.
  3. Even if the amplifier of the tube amplifier is sometimes in an overloaded state, the tube of the tube amplifier has a gentle waveform, so it will not cause excessive deterioration of the sound. Therefore, the biggest advantage of the amplifier is that its tone is basically warmer and softer, especially its mid-range tone.


Disadvantages of tube amplifier:

  1. The internal resistance of the tube of the tube amplifier is large, that is, the damping coefficient of the tube amplifier is relatively low, which will lead to insufficient control of the speaker.
  2. The tube amplifier requires high voltage power, low efficiency, large heat, poor shock resistance, large volume, high cost, slow transient response, weak upper section at low frequency and high frequency, short life, etc. are its fatal weaknesses.
  3. The price of a tube amplifier is generally high. If its own economic conditions are normal, then the amplifier is not a good choice.




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