Audio Amplifiers
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Output level: 600mV @3mV 1KHz
Signal to noise ratio: ≥98dB
Working voltage: DC12V 2A
Dimensions: 118.5*98*33MM (without protruding knobs and terminals)
Frequency response: RIAA compliant 
Distortion: 0.1%

Operation Steps:
1. The gear switch is in the OFF state.
2. Insert the supplied tube into the tube holder in the direction (the tube does not matter, check whether the lower pin is deformed before installing the tube, and the deformation can be reversed by hand).
3. Connect the sing-out output cable to the audio input connector.
4. Connect the rear-end device that needs an external connection to the audio output connector.
5. Connect the DC12V power supply.
6. Rotate the gear switch to select the desired gain gear.
7. When the preamp input is input, the phono input will automatically switch to the preamp input.
8. Input interface: (can be connected to CD, DAC decoder, mobile phone, TV, etc.)
9. Audio output interface: (such as amplifier, amp, active speaker, etc., red to the right channel, white left channel)

Output level: 600mV @3mV 1KHz
Signal to noise ratio: ≥98dB
Working voltage: DC12V
Dimensions: 118.5*98*33MM (without protruding knobs and terminals)
Frequency response: RIAA compliant
Distortion: 0.1%

Common problem:
Q: All my lines are connected, but there is no sound output?
A:1. Check if the gear switch is in the OFF state. Check whether the tube light is on after the switch is turned on. If the fault still exists, replace the power supply with the same voltage output (must be 12V) and test again.
2. If the indicator light is on and the gear position switch is also on, unplug the power supply and re-insert the tube.
3. If both of the above are normal, check if the playback device of the input source is paused, muted, or the volume is at its minimum.

Q: Why is the sound broken?
A: This product is a pre-stage product, and it also has amplifying effect. If the volume of the post-stage device is adjusted to the maximum and the pre-stage is also adjusted to the maximum, it is easy to be distorted. At this time, you only need to move the pre- or post-level. The volume can be adjusted smaller.

Q: Why does the speaker have a large current sound?
A: If you are not using the original standard power supply, please replace the power supply before testing. A lot of power supply in the market has a large interference coefficient, which will cause a large current sound.

Q: Why do I not play the sound source after I plug in the input cable, and the speaker will have a loud beep?
A:1. When the unshielded signal line is used, the interference signal will enter the amplifier for amplification. If you hate this sound, you are advised to replace the shielded signal line or unplug the signal line.
2. Check if the grounding of the player is connected. If the ground wire is not connected, there will be a lot of noise.

Q: Why do I use MM to put input, it has no sound?
A: Check if the pre-stage input is still plugged in. If the pre-stage input is plugged in, then the input will not sound, and the pre-stage input line must be unplugged.

Q: Why did the pre-biliary level buy back and start listening to the sound is very hard, the tri-band is not very clear, but after 1 day of work is normal?
A: The tube is a very sensitive device. The temperature should generally reach a certain level to achieve the best effect. Therefore, the sound is very natural after about half an hour of warming up.

Q: Can I replace the tube upgrade?
A: Yes, at present, we have tested and matched 6K4/6J4/GE5654/6AK5/6*1n, which can be directly replaced. Different tube sounds will be very different.

Q: Can I replace the tube with the power supply?
A: No, it is very easy to burn the tube because the inside of the machine is working at high voltage. If the hot-swappable tube burns out, it may damage the machine.

1. Do not open the case privately. Improper handling may result in electric shock.
2. Please use the switching power supply of the regular manufacturer, otherwise the risk of damage to the machine will be damaged.
3. Do not place the machine in a high temperature and high humidity environment.
4. Please disconnect the input and output cables before powering off, otherwise the impact sound may damage your speakers.
5. Do not replace the tube type that does not match, otherwise it will burn your tube and machine.

Package Include:
1Pcs Amplifier (without plug)

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