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Front & back panel interface instruction:

Tube T3

  • ①……………………………Audio input interface (can be connected to CD, DAC decoder, mobile phone, TV, etc.)
  • ②……………………………Switch/Gain gear switch (four gears are OFF-39dB-42dB-45dB)
  • ③……………………………Power interface (DC power supply must not exceed 12V)
  • ④……………………………Audio output interface (such as amplifier, headphone amplifier, active speaker, etc., red to the right channel, white to left channel)
  • ⑤……………………………MM input interface (red to the right channel input, white to the left channel input)
  • ⑥……………………………MM Grounding post

Operation Steps:

  1. The gear switch is in the OFF state.
  2. Install the tube into the base of the tube according to the direction (the tube is not divided left or right, check whether the pin is deformed before installing the tube, and the deformation can be corrected by hand).
  3. Connect the phono output cable to the audio MM input connector.
  4. Connect the external equipment to the audio source output interface.
  5. Connect the DC 12V power supply.
  6. Rotate the switch to select the desired gear.
  7. When the preamp input is input, the phono input will automatically switch to the preamp input.


Electrical level output

600mV @3mV 1KHz



Working Voltage


Product Dimension


Frequency Response

Meet standard RIAA

Product Weight




Package Dimension



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:All the cables are connected, but no sound output?

A: 1. Check the POWER indicator is on, press the POWER button if the light is still off, At this point you can find a same output voltage power supply (must 12V) to check if the machine or power supply failure.If the POWER indicator light is on, check whether the corresponding input signal is selected correctly.

  1. If the indicator light is on, check whether the VOL knob is in the minimum position. If so, turn clockwise to normal Volume
  2. If both of the above are normal, check the input device if it is paused, mute, or the volume is minimized.

Q: Why does the sound is cracking?

A: This product is for the tube preamp, but also can be used as preamp, If post equipment is max volume & preamp too, it's easy to distortion, you just need to turn down the volume of the equipment, then ok.

Q: Why do loudspeakers make a lot of electric noise?

A: if you are not using the original factory standard power supply, please replace the power supply before testing.Many power supply in the market have large interference coefficient, which will cause a lot of current sound.

Q: Why the speaker has noise when I just plug in the input cable but don’t connect the sound sources ?

A:1.If you use unshielded signal lines, there will be interference signals entering the power amplifier. If you hate the sound, you are advised to use the shielded signal lines or unplug the signal lines.

  1. Check if the grounding of the player is connected. If the ground wire is not connected, there will be a lot of noise.

Q: Why do I use MM to put input, it has no sound?

A: Check if the pre-stage input is still plugged in. If the pre-stage input is plugged in, then the input will not sound, and the pre-stage input line must be unplugged.

Q: Why the sound is very hard at the beginning, the 3 frequencies is not very clear, but normal after a day use?

A: The tube is a very sensitive device with good effect once the temperature should reach a degree commonly, normally about half an hour later the voice is very natural.

Q: Can I update the tube?

A: yes, we have tested and matched 6k4/6J1/6j4/GE5654/6ak5/66*1n,in our factory.It can be replaced directly.The sound will be different with different tube.

Q: Can I replace the tube without power off?

A: No, it is very easy to burn the tube,because the machine works under high voltage and the hot plug will damage the tube & machine,also will hurt the people.



  1. Please do not open the shell without permission. Improper operation may cause the danger of electric shock.
  2. Please use the power supply of the regular manufacturer, otherwise it will damage the machine.
  3. Please do not use the machine in a high temperature and humidity environment.
  4. When unplugging the input and output lines, please cut off the power supply first, otherwise the signal will damage the speaker.


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    Estimados ustedes venden tubos amplificadores con el siguiente código 6EV5 o código 6Ж3П-Е
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      T-4の真空管を別の真空管に変えることはできますか? どのような真空管が使えますか? また、その真空管はどこで購入できますか?

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