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Thanks again so much for your purchasing. This is a creative audio amplifier for you, it combines the beauty of traditional vacuum tube and the power of digital amplifier. It has BASS & Treble adjustable function, Bluetooth apt-X connection, support audio output through passive speaker or normal 3.5mm device. And, the vacuum tube is also replaceable as you like, it is a fantastic amplifier that suit for your personal PC desk, book room, or for your home theater in your living room. Bring joy and happiness to your smarter life.

Product Diagram

Tube A5

  • ①ON/OFF Switch
  • ②Indicator Light
  • ③5mm Audio Output
  • ④Bass Effect Adjustable
  • ⑥Treble Effect Adjustable
  • ⑦Volume Adjustable

Tube A5

  • ①Bluetooth Antenna
  • ②BT/RCA Mode Switch
  • ③Audio Input (Like : CD, DAC, TV, Phone etc)

[RED for right channel, WHITE for left channel]

  • ④Audio Output (For passive speaker)
  • ⑤DC Power Port (24W MAX)


MAX Power Output : 50W*2   4Ω

SNR : ≥96dB

Distortion : 0.1%

Bass/Treble Adjust Range : ±6dB

DC Voltage : DC 12V-24V

Frequency Response : 20Hz-20KHz(±3dB)

Operation Guide

Please make sure the volume is turn to lowest at first.

  1. Plug the vacuum tube into the tube hole, make sure the pin is follow the correct way.
  2. Connect your audio output device. You can :
  • ①Connect a passive speaker through the speaker port(R for Right, L for Left Channel) from the back;


  • ②Connect a wired headphone or a Bluetooth speaker through the 3.5mm port from the front.
  1. There is a mode switch on the back, switch to the mode as you need for the audio input. You can choose Bluetooth or AUX input.
  2. Connect the DC power. (Higher Voltage brings more powerful effect, support 12V-24V.)
  3. Turn on the amplifier,
  • ①For Bluetooth mode : Enable your phone’s Bluetooth function, find the BT device and connect.


  • ②For RCA input : Insert the AUX cable for the wired audio input.
  1. Bass is for more heart beating rhythm, treble is for the clear and beauty pure voice. Adjust the Bass, Treble, and Volume to the level you like, enjoy your customized music now.

More Notes

  1. Because the audio solution’s difference, The 3.5mm output can support the wired headset earphone, or a Bluetooth speaker. But not for the mini earphone.
  2. When you playing the music, if the front output is plug in, the rear output will auto cut off.
  3. Vacuum tube is a sensitive device, please don’t touch it when the amplifier is playing. And, every tube needs a certain temperature to play the best effect, if you not satisfied for the sound at first, please give some time for the tube for its warm-up.



Q: Why there is a distortion?

A: The pre-vacuum tube will amplify the sound, if you turn the sound too loud, a distortion might happen. Please try turn down the volume a little more.

Q: Why different audio input device has a different volume?

A: Different device has a different electrical signal, for example different smart phone are different power, that makes different volume output.

Q: Why different audio input device has a different volume?

A: Different device has a different electrical signal, for example phone’s signal is usually 0.35mV, CD player is 1mV. And different brand phone also are different signal rate.

Q: Why my speaker has a lot noise?

A: That noise usually comes from the unqualified AUX cable(Not a shielded wire), please change an AUX cable to a better one.

Q: Can I replace the vacuum tube?

A: YES of course. Different tube has a lot difference. suits the following type of tube : 6K4, 6J1, GE5654, 6AK5, 6*1n.

Please must remember switch off the power BEFORE you pull out the tube, or it might damage the device.


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