Turn your car to a big music live stage


With your own heart, go the farthest way, and start a considless journey, which of this journey is the most freedom behavior in life. Driving a private car and match our products, which make your car become a music carport immediately. A mist of rain shrouded the streets of New York. The water drifted under the bridge, and the stars in the sky sneaked into my car, brighting on your private car. Everybody's heart living a HERO character yet, the years past away is the most beautiful memories. A snow, a flower, will become the most beautiful embellishment in life. New York is coldless, which need us to use music to light up our enthusiasm and dreams. I carry my trunk up, take my camera and the amplifier, go to the northern mountains. The grasslands are seem like the ocean, and the wind blows the wheat waves, the cattle and sheep are in groups, walking on the road, with the strangers sang sweet songs, heard many stories, and seen many people. In this journey, I slowly learned to grow up. I love to let the snow touch across my skin, letting the wind linger on my face, become mature on the way. A book, a song, a traveling heart, I want to drift to the sea with the small river. There is a bright moon in the sea, sea wave rush to the reefs. Many swallows flie over the sky, Alaska's squid cross the rainbow, and look at the whales, listen to the tides. I will hide the music in shells, I will bury the footprints on the beach, I will write the memories as poems, just like this, become quiet in laughter. A single person's travel, do not pay attention to those trivial things, go to every places, which can make life more complete. We will meet all kinds of people, but the place that your heart loved will always be unique. Life is the best travel, whether you will stop or keep walking. Same wrong thing don't happen again in a lifetime, your mind should be on the way, starting a journey and meet a better self on the road. When you look back on this journey, you will find that you are still there, there are you, have me, have him, and also have our products...

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